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PURE Products, LLC is an American Hemp company specialized in the production, manufacturing and wholesale of CBD and Hemp products devoid of many of additives and other containments typically found in cannabis that gives the plant its distinctive odor and other residual negative effects from consumption: red eye, inflamed throat, clogged nose, droopy eye, and that groggy feeling. Our unique and proprietary technology can be applied to all varieties of industrial hemp, regardless of its particular cannabinoid or terpene profile.
PURE Products, LLC’s first product line is in the hemp space, cannabis commonly referred to having less than 0.3% THC and some CBD percentage. Hemp is distinct because it's been federally legalized in all 50 States across the USA through the Farm Bill, and is currently legal in over 100 Countries worldwide.

Hemp, when smoked, is commonly described as giving users a sedating, calming feeling - an anti-anxiety wave mellows the user within seconds when consumed in smoking form. The experience is described as much like that of tobacco users describing cigarettes. This similarity of effect between hemp and tobacco lends to a core goal of the company – to make hemp the number one smoked herb, replacing tobacco and like products, by directly competing our PURE CBD against entrenched nicotine. That’s right, PURE Products, LLC is committed to adding a powerful new tool (but familiar to cigarette smokers) to the fight against tobacco and nicotine addiction – which is still used by 39 million Americans. Smokers living with chronic pain issues will also be enthusiastic about the pain-killing potentials of smoking our company’s natural herbal cigarette.

PURE Products, LLC is a business registered with the State of Florida and headquartered in sunny Deerfield Beach. Our goal is to bring Hemp and CBD products to every household, worldwide. PURE is our commitment to our partners and patrons. Our Tinctures are made from Isolate and are 100% THC-Free, our E-Liquids are certified and manufactured under cGMP and ISO9001 guidelines, and our Hemp Cigarettes contain no addictive or harmful Nicotine or Tobacco. We are a full turn-key operation, every aspect of production is controlled and monitored to maintain strict quality assurance standards! We offer retail, wholesale and e-commerce solutions for our products AND we specialize in Custom Manufacturing Solutions. If you want to build your brand and corner your market then we may be the perfect fit for you.


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"Have been using Pure Hemp Oil Extract for about a month now and I am happy with the result I have gotten. My neighbor was the one who recommended to me because of the constant pain I have on my shoulder caused by a sports injury a while back. Since I hated the side effects that come with the medication that was prescribed to me, I choose to endure the pain. After taking it for a month, I am so happy to say that I am pain-free. Thank you so much for this unbelievable product."

Garrett L., St. Augustine, FL


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"My boyfriend, Braden, has been suffering insomnia for so long and he may wake me up by accident from time to time. I actually let him try the Hemp Oil I have been taking for anxiety. He was sceptical at first, but he took it to humor me. He actually was surprised he was able to fall asleep so quickly after taking a dose. On top of it, he starts to notice his back doesn't hurt as much. Now he needs to buy his own bottle so he can keep a bottle at his own home."

Diane S., Palm Beach Garden, FL